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Kikola discusses "They were deaf to her child's cries"

On Saturday night, the 4th of February 1984, Ireland’s most popular television show was coming to an end, when the host read this headline from the next days’ Sunday paper.

“Girl, 15, Dies Giving Birth In A Field”.

With the words “Nothing terribly exciting there”, the newspaper was cast down on the studio floor by the ‘Late Late Show’ host.

This moment symbolically marked the first introduction the world had to the story of Ann Lovett and her newborn child.

Tuesday, the 31st of January 1984 was a cold, wet, winter’s day in Granard, Co. Longford. That afternoon, a fifteen year old school girl made her way to a Grotto dedicated to the Virgin Mary at the top of her small hometown in the Irish midlands. It was here, on the cold concrete, beneath the statue of Our Lady, that she gave birth, alone, to her infant son.

By the time they were discovered, her child was already dead. Ann, still alive but hemorrhaging heavily, was carried to the nearby house of the Parish Priest from where a doctor was phoned. On his instructions she was driven to her parents house in the centre of the town at which point an ambulance was called, but it was already too late.

Ann Lovett and her child were quietly buried two days later in Granardkill cemetery.

30 years later, Ann and her newborn son are all but forgotten in a land that is still deaf to her child’s cries.
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Grand Merci. Peace.

Mixed at Studio Ekala. Beat by Passion HIfi.
StepyourmindProductions 2014
big thanks to WildRover.

Oct 6

Red Yellow

Just some thoughts/// merci a 3rdLeg pr le BEat!


…man i’ve got that red yellow green with a
dead mellow lean ..

led, followed
thats me…
I’ve lead below my spleen from the fluoride stream
the codes are bouncing off the screen
I’m bout to scream
I’ve seen so much shit
far from clean cut
I’m far from clean but
I’ve been so clutched with
I’m barred from umpteen huts
- humpty dumpty off the wall
trust in broken eggs
cos customs busting my nuts
and breaking sea legs -
scratch marks after…
like a …
like a… like a …
turn the tables like a poker troika
pulling rabbits out this hat trick
like a hungry striker.
freedom bobbing in the sands
bombs over lands
- in the plans -
they block, H block, hate locks
i feel like bobby sands…
they fly space wagons
but they far from soccer dads
they fly from from chopper pads
they come a cropper, man,
they maim lads and mums
its glum
how come they never done with the guns?
they make slums, we sell buns
its not for fun - life’s cake sale…
you on the run for your life
you won’t make bail
fakes fail
so keep it real despite the hate mail…
keep collecting all the stamps
hail a cab
cos the ramps is bumpy
so pump it up like you joe budden
my mic rhymes over night man
- so sudden -
bakers got twelve points
-half time
dime a dozen

kikola off the top
keep it buzzin’ cousin

kikola off the top
keep it buzzin’ cousin

ekala never stop
we keep it buzzin’ cousin


Oct 5

kikola {passion hi fi beat}

Pills Raw With The Jaager {life’s.a.wiife}

She used to walk past ,flash a smile
like colgate, told wait,
but the patience was the soul weight
-too heavy-
w - e - i - g - h - t

let me spell it out for you …
spelling bee

dwelling free’ s how she always imagined life could be
but times rough, off the cuff, oft not enough
off the spot she huffed
- she went home - her dome blown
roam, thrown in a day but Rome built
in a month for the right pay

she’s quite a sight - say something - no fronting
no toast here - no bunting ..
no celebration without elevation
she masks the pain well, they ran a train on her
she wrote revelations, she got some brain on her
when shit gets too much she bored…
she board a plane or do train runner
she welling up with the pain like a rainy summer
-bummer! -

no sun; so she’s done
she reached ONE, in the countdown

so, welcome to cloud town.
Dark cumulus accumulate
communications not her strong suit
and to boot, she s too sweet to eat these fruit
rotten to the teeth, no silver teaspoon
knees swoon, half past noon
no idea what time it is
so there is no soon …
she banked he’d take her to moon,
but he was posing there in peace like Ban-Ki moon.
Turn s out the dudes a piece
-so since she’s looking out for second magpies
standing at the toon
first you hear a pop
then you hear a boom!
- shes scared alone in her room -
bolt the door !
cold as the floor, she wanna roar, she can’t soar
ceilings sealed o’re her head
oh she’s dead…
But wait there’s still more

jaws raw from the jaager aw
pills raw with the jaager awww

self medication for shelved education
wealth of dedications, the requests are fake shit
she probably hates it, fake s it, make s it, breaks it, takes it
and lakes fit for drowning
frowning at the situation, down a can quick
profound plans quit
life made death look like quite a…
Quite a fast fix
still don’t know the time? -

at half past six… she hits the streets for a fix

Dec 6

Kikola!!! @stepyourmind productions!!


Kikola!!! @stepyourmind productions!!

Dec 2

Kikola's Soundcloud Page

Dec 2
kikola dans le banlieue.. s.c.e.w.e.d

kikola dans le banlieue.. s.c.e.w.e.d